Why Crowdfunding is the Way to a Woman’s Success

So, its proven that women are less likely than men to receive business funding, it’s a well-known fact. But that doesn’t mean that women should have to forgo their hopes and dreams of owning their own business, creating things and making an impact in the world. Today, it’s easier than ever for women to get the money needed to start a business or project through ‘Crowdfunding’. But millions of women leave this avenue untapped.

Have you considered crowdfunding for your dream? If not, read on and you’ll find many reasons you’ll quickly change your mind.

Let’s face it – if a panel of men were faced with the option to invest in a woman-owned company that has to do with something pertaining to women, it has a very slim chance of getting funded. But, with crowdfunding, there’s the ‘personal aspect’ of lending. Women get to tell their story, explain why they are starting their company, what it means to them, and why it would benefit the world. We truly believe that if there were more women leaders in the word, or to go even further, if women were to run the word, there would probably be much less war, misery and greed. So, successful women are needed!

No other form of financing operates the way crowdfunding does. With standard financing, you complete an application and investors look at the concept on paper – literally. There’s no conversation, no videos, no room for discussion. There’s no personal aspect to it, but crowdfunding provides that personal aspect and a greater chance of funding and developing a real connection with the people funding you.

When you can get people to stand behind your concept, it shows the faith people have in your business. Who doesn’t love to get ‘votes’ aka money for their idea? This isn’t one angel investor agreeing to loan you the money – it’s hundreds of people coming together to make your dreams a reality. This immediately shows that there’s an interest in what you have to offer – what better way to start your concept than by feeling great about what you have to offer the world?

Starting a business with a following typically doesn’t happen. Most business owners quietly get their funds from a bank and open their doors only to hear birds chirping in the background. When you use crowdfunding, you get your name out there before you even start your business. It’s not just investors that hear about you, others hear about you too. You get people excited about what you have to offer. The anticipation builds excitement and interest in your business. Who wouldn’t want to start a business with a great following from the start?

Crowdfunding is empowering for women. You aren’t competing in a ‘man’s world’ or subject to receiving fewer funds than a man would receive. Crowdfunding gives you the chance to make your mark on the world – to show the world what you have to offer. It’s a unique and effortless way to get the funds you need to make your dreams come true.


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