Some Best Campaigns of 2020 According to BuildHer.

What makes a good campaign? It is many things to be honest but the main reasons why funding goals are met and/or exceeded is that it resonates with their target audience. Did they cut across social, racial and economic backgrounds? Or the facts that they had a great social media reach or that the cause for crowdfunding was a popular one? We are inviting you to take a look at some best campaigns of 2020.

  • 1. We will start with the Black Minds Matter campaign which raised a total £16,769 of their £50,000 goal. Discrimination and inequality are rife in the UK, causing black/brown people to be subjected to inhuman treatment. The donation goal was to help in training youths to be leaders in their communities, support organizations in black/brown communities, and develop better, culturally-appropriate mental health coupled with early intervention and prevention pathways in black/brown communities. A really worthy cause!
  • 2. The Kay Mason Foundation campaign raised £16,380 out of their targeted £25,000. This is actually great. They helped brilliant kids escape poverty through education due to the suffering in South Africa’s brutal lockdown. They need the basic necessities of life: food, rent, electricity, water, and data – so they can keep learning, and their families can stay alive. As can be seen from their updates, they have succeeded to a large extent.
  • 3. The Olamide Alli Education Trust Fund set up by AGS to support the deceased family. Olamide was murdered by her fiancé, leaving behind two children of 7 and 3-years old respectively. £6,426 was raised and will be set up in a Trust Fund, managed by FBN Quest Trustees.
  • 4. Crystal Marshall was 18 years old when she was diagnosed with an extremely rare facial bone cancer. To continue her dream and attend a top drama school in London, she started a campaign and has raised £7,619. She hopes to continue as far as funds are raised for her tuition.
  • 5. Natasha Lonsdale a breast cancer patient has raised $14,406, her goal is to raise $20,000.
  • 6. Jalila Jones is a 32-year old professional dancer and fitness instructor diagnosed with Stage II invasive ductile breast cancer. Knowing she will need several years of treatment, she went crowdfunding and Team Jalila was born. Her goal is to raise $199,999 and she has raised $35,939 so far.
  • 7. The Chocolate Girls: A taste of Sweetness is a middle-grade book series featuring black girl protagonists. In it, Imani, Kelly, Tamera, Rabia and Abiola are best friends navigating adventures in middle school while running a chocolate-dessert making business. So far, this campaign has raised $1,226 with a pledge of $2,500.

Every single one of these stories are very inspiring and we wish nothing but the best to these crowdfunders. On our own platform we have 3 success stories.

Sarah Baily, in the midst of the black lives matter movement in 2020, teamed up with BuildHer and raised just under £3,000 for black and brown women across the UK.

Valerie Uchechukwu Ebuwa‘s campaign  #let’s make shit happen# raised £1,362. With this campaign she aimed to enable four artists to freely make their work unrestricted by industry expectations.

Oluremi Bisuga exceeded her campaign goal and managed to raise £1,378.70. The funds was used to support the Freedom Arena Manchester Church to provide Heating, Childrens Sunday School Equipment and Musical Instruments!

Whilst 2020 can be put down as one of the most difficult years in human history, we can also see that there has been a lot of individual successes across the globe.

In 2021 we would love to see more stories like this, where black women or female allies looking to help the black woman fundraise to see us succeed.  BuildHer Crowdfunding Platform is available to provide support to campaigns by black/brown women. Get ready to make your campaign one of the best in 2021. See you there!

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