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Redebony Black Vogue Magazine with photographer Marco Gaffarelli of Vogue

by OtatadeOkojie

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Redebony magazine ‘Urban Vogue’ wants to tattoo the statement that not only do our voices matter across the globe. Our voices are impactful, freeing, enterprising, engaging, engrossing, and our stories are valid.  The Redebony take on the Vogue magazine concept compiles high fashion celebrating black culture identity and community.

Its features will include Fashion, Travel, Current events, enterprise, and other sectors that engage and inspire. We will celebrate our icons. Although targeted at an Urban audience the magazine will be inclusive, and due to the high engagement on social media for redebony, especially platforms like Pinterest where we have a 1.37 million audience every 90 days, and over 2 million impressions. The demand for this content is high. The redebony Magazine will be a subscription model magazine with an app and a membership community,
The app will be free to download, will include games, creative opportunities, a job section will be in the membership community where a fee will be paid.
The community will include the redebony freelance community, Marketing opportunities, property, and land sourcing opportunities of purchase.
Each section of the magazine will have 5-7 pages and we will engage the youth and young people to compile their stories and produce content.
This global impact commercial magazine already has lots of potential as i have a 1 million audience on pinterest , and a 60,000 network of investors, brands, entrepreneurs and elites. I have a contact in the   BBC’s post production team who will help document the journey, and Marco Gaffarelli of Vogue will introduce some of his networks. We can potentially integrate a partnership with the voice America platform as they have invited me once before for a collaboration.
I believe this project will be a huge success, my name is Otatade Okojie i began in journalism and publishing. I have worked with such giants as Rosemarie Hudson of Hope road publishing, worked with one of the producers of Good morning Britain, and was asked to be a digital advisor to the Financial times. I am linked to such contacts as Clive Conway of the Desmond Tutu Foundation, and did work experience in my youth with Company Magazine, black film maker Magazine, and was a business consultant for young entrepreneurs at Head for Business.I was asked to be a mentor in Oxford by the Princes trust on a scheme called the Mosaic Scheme. I am known for my experience of building a network of 60,000 entrepreneurs, an interactive podcast through my blog which now has 390,000 hits and a saturated network that include contacts who work for Oprah Winfrey and are connected to Prince Charles. I believe we have come to a time, let us not simply proclaim that our voices matter, let us endorse a vision, a movement, and support those who aim to Magnify our voices. #redebonyhotspot
I would like to have raised funds of well over 1 million globally and internationally promoting the message that our voices matter in industry, in commerce, and we are here to make a difference, not with an intention to alienate, simply to amplify and ensure that our Global voices are heard. #United
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