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KITOKOMAKEUP AFRIKA Beautifully Unstained Pads (B.U.P)

by Bibish MBEMBA

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Beautifully Unstained Pads (B.U.P)

Menstruation is a subject that is still taboo in many developing countries.

In this day and age, we should be able to address feminine hygiene without stigma or shame.  The lack of access to menstrual sanitation is a serious problem that not only concerns, but deeply affects young girls and women in many parts of Africa.

It is a challenging situation that negatively affects women’s psychological health, dignity and keeps many girls out of school.

KitokoMakeup believes that true beauty and confidence comes from within. We believe that it takes a village to raise a child. We believe in raising the girl child to be a strong, independent and self-assured woman no matter her condition or situation.
KitokoMakeup is committed to in giving back to communities by offering free reusable sanitary pads to women and girls residing in different villages across Africa. We have partnered with various registered and trusted associations and NGO’s to make this happen.

This is why every time you purchase a KitokoMakeup product, you will be helping us to create a cycle of menstrual hygiene awareness and generate the fabrication of a reusable pads that will be distributed freely.

Beautifully Unstained Pads (B.U.P) fabric composition:
Waterproof outer shell, middle 3 layers microfiber, top layer bamboo charcoal material.

Each pad
• is Contoured slim for comfort
• has Popper tabs to keep the unit in place

• has a practical Fold-away design
• is built to Stay dry
• has a High absorbency threshold
• is Eco-friendly! With B.U.P you will also be protecting the environment.


Thank you for your contribution and support. Together we can help raise the awarenes

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