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I am a mother who wants to start a cooking and selling business in which I prepare and sell some of the following: Peanuts, puff, Chin-chin, egg rolls, fish roll and minerals. Local Nigerian delicacies and snacks.

Help Faith Start A Snacks Business

by Faith Ogechi Okoro

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Abia State, Nigeria

Faith Ogechi Okoro

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I’m Faith from Abia State, Nigeria. I have three girls, ages 5, 3years and 8 months old. My story started last year 22 August when I came back from my ultrasound. When my husband heard that I was having a third baby girl, he got angry because he wanted a boy. I got back from church on 25 August only to find that he left, abandoning me in my pregnant condition with our two daughters. I and my church members tried calling him, to talk some sense into him. He didn’t take any of my calls. But he later called a few brethren and ever since then his phone number has been unavailable. The church helped me out with some donations until the lockdown caused by this pandemic. I tried looking for a job but I haven’t been able to get one because of my babies. Now I want to set up a snack business, so that I can take care of them (my kids), pay bills and also pay our rent. Please am pleading to any kind hearted people, women, especially other mothers, to help me out no matter how little it is, I will be forever grateful. Thank you and may God bless you all, amen.


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My Eternal Gratitude

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Free snacks if you are local to the area I sell in.

October, 2020

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