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About us BuildHer is a brand new Crowdfunding & Freelancer Platform aimed at raising money/funding through Rewards Based Contributions for the most historically underfunded & under-supported group; women of ‘Black Origin’. BuildHer is an exclusive community & movement set to empower Women. Sign Up Now for Free Membership with the opportunity to win cash prizes, rewards, gifts, samples and pre-release products.

About us

Who we are

Founded by DamiLola Bisuga Soyoye, out of the desire to see women of Black Origin Win in life and in business. A Registered Nurse with an Entrepreneurial flair since a young age. DamiLola has always wanted to Make a Difference to the wider community and empower the underdog.



After years of watching & experiencing the Relegation, Disrespect & Disregard of Black Women in the UK & Worldwide we were angered deep down but realised the ONLY REAL way to fight back is to fight FINANCIALLY!

We believed Black/Brown women needed to get in ‘Formation’, get backing for ourselves and back each other; since nobody else truly wanted to back us. Statistically Black/Brown Women are the LEAST likely group to be approved for Bank Loans, Funding, Venture Capital, Investment or any other financial support for a business, project, new product or innovative idea. We are also disadvantaged when it comes to entering the Property market!

This cycle directly affects almost every other area of our lives. A lot of the issues we face as Black Women is compounded by the fact that we don’t have the financial backing to show up or defend ourselves. We could see it was truly time for us to Level Up!!

We believed that backing each other with our own Money was the best way to cement in people’s minds that we are not the subgroup to be ignored, overlooked or cast aside!

Our POWER is in our NUMBERS.
More Money = More Opportunities. More Opportunities = Solutions. More Solutions = More Job Creation. More Job Creation = More Black/Brown Women Financially Secured & Empowered.


Mission & Vision

“BuildHer” is the ultimate online safe space for Women & Girls of ‘Black Origin’ worldwide.

To Build: To construct or repair by putting resources, parts, materials or ideas together. To create or develop a particular thing.

All the women here have 1 aligned vision; to unapologetically further the economic, financial, entrepreneurial and creative advancement of Black Women.This platform aims to empower & embolden Black women in the UK and around the world to start that desired project, business idea, create solutions, be visible, and have a support network like no other, created by us, for us.

“Ownership” is the only way we will be able to SET the standards and UPHOLD the standards.

Slogan: Sisters Moving Forward.

International House
61 Mosley Street
M2 3HZ
United Kingdom

Company Number: 12484693

CEO: DamiLola Bisuga Soyoye

Phone: +44 161 818 8335

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