Do you know a Black or Brown woman in need? Do you know of a cause which specifically helps or uplifts Black girls or women?

We here at BuildHer believe in a pay-it-forward model, which is why we aim to reinvest a percentage of our fees back into Black and Brown women & girls in several ways.
We need your help to do that!

1) We are providing free grants for Black/Brown women who require assistance with legal fees/legal representation but who are unable to afford it.

2) We are helping towards the educational tuition fees of ‘Bright & Talented’ Black/Brown girls worldwide.

3) We are helping Black/Brown women who are currently homeless or facing the threat of homelessness.

All we need you to do is be a recipient of the ‘Shero Badge’, then you fill out the form below and nominate your Women or Cause. The BuildHer Founders will select from the nominations and contact the chosen nominator or nominee to provide the Free Grant. We may also contact for more information or details about the nomination before deciding whether to award the Free Grant. So be sure to include as much information as possible about your nomination. We look forward to hearing from you Brave & Beautiful Sheroes! You begin saving the world by saving one person at a time.