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Here at buildHer we teach you how to effectively raise debt-free funding for your business/ideas

Does this sound like you?

If the above sounds like you, the good news is there is another way to raise funds. A better way infact!  

It’s not a secret, but it is powerful, It’s called CROWDFUNDING…. It simply means raising money from a large number of people. Crowdfunding utilizes the power of the internet to communicate with your target audience and turn them into potential funders. 

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Interesting facts about crowdfunding

$6.4 Billion

This is the annual revenue generated via crowdfunding in europe alone. That's alot of money!


This is the global average success rate for crowdfunding campaigns. Many campaigns meet and even surpass their crowdfunding goal. We are here to ensure yours is successful.


The percentage of successful campaigns that exceed their fundraising goal

47: Funders

The number of backers the average successful campaign has. Crowdfunding utilizes the power of the internet to spread the word about your campaign

20% for Facebook

Percentage represents the increase of campaign success per every 100 Facebook friends. Social media especially Facebook is crucial for success.

105% Increase

Campaigns that utilize video to communicate their message raise over 100% more than those that don't

53% for Email

The amount of email shares that convert into donations. Email is the most effective way to build a relationship with potential backers.

3times Funding

How much more crowdfunding campaign owners raise if they update their supporters every 5 days. Constantly communicating and updating your funders on the progress of your project is key.


BuildHer is a Crowdfunding Platform aimed at raising money/funding through Rewards Based Contributions for the most historically underfunded & under-supported group; women of ‘Black Origin’. BuildHer is an exclusive community & movement set to empower Women. 

watch the video below to understand why we exsist


Hi, I’m DamiLola and I am so excited to welcome you to BuildHer!

I created this platform, with the support of my team, because I know that accessing funding is extremely difficult for women of color, most especially Black/Brown women.

At BuildHer, we are on a mission to close the funding gap and here’s what we know works: human to human coaching, network building, and a community of like-minded women in the hustle.

Through BuildHer, you will get access to all of that and more to support you on your journey to launching and growing successful businesses, new products, creative projects, non-profit organisations, individual needs and more.


Click on the logos below to find out what various publications such as the Metro-UK, Starling Bank among others have said about us.

How we help you raise funds

Introducing our CROWDFUND 2 SUCCESS coaching program.

Here at Buildher, we are all about helping black and brown women succeed and have specifically designed our coaching program to set you up for success in your crowdfunding campaign. We are committed to helping you create the best strategy to successfully launch your campaign and smash your funding goal. However, there are certain requirements prospects must meet before we take them on as clients. They include but are not limited to the following:

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Crowdfunding coaching service includes:

We highly recommend that you complete our on-boarding form  before booking a call with us


What I love the most about BuildHer is that they’ve partnered Crowdfunding with Coaching, whereas a lot of crowdfunding platforms just leave you to it, but they walk us through it so we don’t feel lost and they actually help people with where to go with it, so they’re really ensuring success for people, which is great and I can tell it’s not just a platform for them to make money for themselves, they’re really trying to invest in people and help women which is so great!
Esther Oyeniyi
Actor & Model
I would have found it a little bit difficult to set up the campaign on my own because I don't know where to start, but BuildHer did all the leg work and all I did was just sharing my link with friends, family and everyone. I’m very grateful for their help in setting it up which I think is what makes BuildHer different to other platforms out there
Remi Bisuga
BuildHer Campaigner
The guidebook that was provided by BuildHer was very good, the reason why I say that is because it reiterated some of the elements that I came across when I was monitoring other crowdfunding campaigns
Natasha Henry
CEO & Founder URPriority Ltd- BuildHer Campaigner
When you go to raise money from institutions, banks or venture capital these are people that don't know you, but platforms like BuildHer will allow you to leverage people that do know you and offer them something whether its a bonus, products, rewards or anything else, but people like to feel like they are a part of something. I really salute BuildHer for what they’re doing and encourage more women to take advantage of this opportunity that was not previously available for us.
Dawn Dickson
Founder CEO PopCom and Flat Out Of Heels