BuildHer is a brand new Crowdfunding Platform aimed at raising money/funding through Rewards Based Contributions for the most historically underfunded & under-supported group; women of ‘Black Origin’.


BuildHer is an exclusive community & movement set to empower Women.

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In the past, people had to turn to credit cards, bank loans, savings, family or friends for capital to start a business or launch a project. But we all know the obstacles involved with these routes and how difficult it can be to get approval. Usually, involving family or friends with your business can put a strain on relationships and often, it ends badly. Now we have Crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding takes the power away from traditional institutions like banks which normally stops you from making things happen, and puts the power into your hands. You no longer need to take out expensive loans or go to the bank of mum & dad. Crowdfunding is a way to raise capital through the collective effort of many people, using digital channels such as social media and crowdfunding platforms like BuildHer, leveraging their networks for greater reach and exposure.

This is a more accessible, more open and less bureaucratic way to fund a goal. You can have a crowdfunding campaign for almost anything, including Business ideas, Product inventions, tech innovations, art projects, medical expenses, charitable deeds, disaster relief, scientific endeavours, and more. ALL campaigns must have an accompanying video attached explaining your campaign purpose, mission and goals. This is because statistically campaigns with videos tend to raise 125% more funding than campaigns without video. Be part of this Black Girl Magic Revolution.

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Benefits To Backers, Supporters, Contributors

Backhers Benefits

  1. We protect you against scammers by vetting and verifying all campaign owners. We interview all individuals/teams to find out more about their campaign and what they intend to do with the money raised. We have ID checks on campaign owners.
  2. We also prevent scammers by ensuring that all campaign owners have collected at least 1250 credits indicating they have invested their own money and time on this platform supporting other womens campaigns. There is 0% chance of somebody getting money for a project without them putting money in first.
  3. BackHers also get to choose from a variety of exciting, exclusive rewards offered by the project creator or campaign owner. These rewards can vary from one project to another, but often include a copy of what is being produced or an experience unique to the project. BackHers can also choose to support a project without selecting any reward.
  4. Instead of just buying an already made product, or attending an already created & planned event, BackHers can more fully experience a project from start to delivery, through development updates available from its creator. BackHers could also provide their own personal input on how the final product is created, because most BackHers have a desire to participate in the creative process.
  5. When you collect credits, you will be able to enter the cash prize competition for up to £1,000.

Frequently Asked Questions


Any money put into the platform by members or contributors goes to a UK Business Bank Account which is held with Starling Bank. Starling is a trusted and well known bank.
All funds deposited are safe, secure and protected.
All funds (minus fees) received for a campaign will be transferred to the recipient at the end of the campaign.

Rewards, incentives, recognition, discounts, free samples, pre orders, gifts, and knowledge that you are empowering another Black woman in a world where we are the underdog.

Absolutely, BuildHer is the trading name but the legal business name is BFREE Services Limited registered and incorporated in the UK. The company number is 12484693.

At this moment in time, no, we do not facilitate any type of loan/borrowing agreements. We will however be facilitating non-repayable grants based on certain criteria, as part of our pay-it-forward ethos. Further information can be found in the “How it works” section.

Yes! Whilst BuildHer began in the UK, its set to be an international platform, helping women of Black origin all over the world, and thus you can get involved and contribute from almost any country. We accept international payments and donations.
Likewise, we will be open to women worldwide interested in hosting their own campaign. We can send funds to almost any country.

Here at BuildHer, you can fund almost any project, invention, business idea, non profit or personal goal.
What we do not fund are things involving weapons, sex work/pornography, gambling, lottery, or things of a harmful/abusive nature.

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Women in need

Do you know a Black or Brown woman in need?

Do you know of a cause which specifically helps or uplifts Black girls or women?

We here at BuildHer believe in a pay-it-forward model, which is why we aim to reinvest a percentage of our fees back into Black and Brown women & girls in several ways.

We need your help to do that!

1) We are providing free grants for Black/Brown women who require assistance with legal fees/legal representation but who are unable to afford it.

2) We are helping towards the educational tuition fees of ‘Bright & Talented’ Black/Brown girls worldwide.

3) We are helping Black/Brown women who are currently homeless or facing the threat of homelessness.

All we need you to do is be a recipient of the ‘Shero Badge’, then you fill out the form below and nominate your Women or Cause. The BuildHer Founders will select from the nominations and contact the chosen nominator or nominee to provide the Free Grant. We may also contact for more information or details about the nomination before deciding whether to award the Free Grant. So be sure to include as much information as possible about your nomination.

We look forward to hearing from you Brave & Beautiful Sheroes!

You begin saving the world by saving one person at a time.

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What payment options do I have?

Currently, you can contribute to campaigns and buy credits via

  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Stripe
  • Bank Transfer

Feature Requests, Suggestions & Feedback


We here at BuildHer LOVE to welcome your ideas, comments, suggestions and feedback!

That’s why we welcome you to send them to us right here. If you see possible changes or improvements to our service or platform, send it and we will reward you. Not only with our eternal gratitude (of course!), but if we go on to implement any of your ideas, we will reward you with a number of credits, which will move you closer to collecting your next badge and unlocking more rewards, privileges and access.

So what you waitin for sis?!

We’d love to hear from you!