How Funders will Assess your CrowdfundingCampaign


One of the best parts of crowdfunding is pitching in and helping ideas that have infinite potential come to life. These ideas need people, a “crowd” to believe in them and to fund those ideas.

When someone contributes to a crowdfunding campaign, they are donatingmoney to you, the owner, for the purposes that are stated on the campaign page. Remember that those people are now BackHers and not just customers of your product or service, they believe that your project, product or service can and will have an impact once it is available for the masses.  BackHers however need to know a few things about you and your campaign before they donate any funds.


Who are the people behind the campaign?

Take the time to introduce yourself and your team to your audience. When you do that, talk a little bit about you, your passions related to the project and why you have decided to start this project.

Offer some information about your background and experience as well as any pictures of high quality relating to the project and any information that you feel is necessary. A video of your work will definitely be a great asset as people enjoy watching videos in relation to what you are fundraising.

What is the campaign raising money for?

BackHers are a diverse bunch, therefore they have different reasons for wanting to back your campaign. Regardless of the reasons why you are running a campaign, BackHers should be immediately be able to recognise why you are fundraising. Make sure your pitch is clear, transparent and reflects your passion and hard work.


Where else can you find information about the project?

If you have more information about your motivations regarding your project do not be afraid to share them. If you have been featured in the news or on different blog outlets share that also. The more information you can offer your audience the better.

If you need further help or information about crowdfunding on our platform, do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact us option.

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