How Crowdfunding Works for Women

Are you intrigued on how crowdfunding has helped women succeed? In a study conducted by PwC and the Crowdfunding Center, it showed that women-led crowdfunding ventures were 32 percent more successful at achieving their desired funding goals than male-led crowdfunding ventures.

A couple of successful campaigns led by women include:

  • Animoodles – This has proven to be one of the largest non-tech crowdfunding successes and it was women-led. Animoodles raised $100,000, which is four times its original goal. Once they hit $25,000 in their first 11 hours of the campaign, Marissa Louie – a co-founder, alerted the media and the hype continued.
  • Sweat Cosmetics – Made up of all women athletes, is a company that creates makeup that doesn’t come off when women sweat. Can I get a Hallelujah?! Sweat Cosmetics was able to raise $255,000 from more than 500 investors and they started out hoping to raise their goal of just $50,000.

This shows us that women have immense power to make immense changes when fully supporting each other. Women can offer a unique perspective and create unique solutions for specific problems.
So, are you ready to use crowdfunding to your advantage?
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