BuildHer is a brand new Crowdfunding & Freelancer Platform aimed at raising money/funding through Rewards Based Contributions for the most historically underfunded & under-supported group; women of ‘Black Origin’.

BuildHer is an exclusive community & movement set to empower Women.

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Who we are

Founded by DamiLola Bisuga Soyoye, out of the desire to see women of Black Origin Win in life and in business. A Registered Nurse with an Entrepreneurial flair since a young age. DamiLola has always wanted to Make a Difference to the wider community and empower the underdog.



DamiLola has always admired the tech world and saw that this was the future of business. Despite others around her preferring more traditional types of ‘brick & mortar’ business, she was certain that an online business was the right path for her. Although to get to this point she has launched several other types of online business, but still felt like she had not found a true calling. Until BuildHer, which was born out of a necessity and personal experiences. This platform was in defiance against the current status quo of Black Women across the world being ‘limited’. Also a Nurse by profession, she knows all about need for resilience and this has served her well in this entrepreneurial journey.


          CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER                      

Akin Ayeni has immense experience in creating online stores and is also a professional chess player registered with the English Chess Federation. These analytical skills and the ability to think many steps ahead serves him well in life & business. Akin is proud to champion Women Empowerment and helping women to be ‘Independent’ and be their own pillar. Despite how his own society could have influenced him into believing the stereotypes accorded to women, that they are meant to be totally dependent on men for their financial freedom. And while also giving Lectures & Seminars as a Lecturer in the University of Administration and Economics, he always stressed the need for Women Empowerment. Akin is also very technical savvy as he deals with a wide range of technologies, gadget exploration and innovations.



Happiness Inyang studied Agricultural Economics but delved into freelancing and Virtual Assistant jobs. Though being an Agric Economist, she loves working as a Business Development Personnel and is honing her skills to that effect. She has worked with other professionals from around the world and is honored to be affiliated with BuildHer Crowdfunding Platform. She had always looked for ways to work online and still be of assistance to herself and others. BuildHer provided her with that opportunity. She is a firm believer that giving makes you happy, and as such gives back to others in need by helping them crowdfund for their different projects. Very outspoken and outgoing, she channels her energy in creating awareness for what BuildHer represents – funding the most under-funded group in history of mankind.

                     SUCCESS ENAREVBA

                  SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER 

Success is a consultant with several companies In Sweden of which she has gained experience in traditional and Eurocentric marketing, before diversifying into the Social media marketing platform. She is a Professional chess player and loves writing poems . Success is also a graphic designer and Studied biochemistry as a professional course in the university.