6 Reasons Why Jamelia Is A British National Treasure

Jamelia Niela Davis known popularly as ‘Jamelia’ is an British (English) singer, songwriter and presenter. She has had a long successful career, released three studio albums, each of which has reached the Top 40 in the UK, which collectively have produced eight UK top-ten singles. However, there are many reasons why Jamelia rose to fame and high levels of success.


  1. She stands up for what she believes in

    Jamelia is not afraid of touching on controversial topics. She called out mainstream TV productions for making her bring her own hair products because the hair & makeup department don’t know how to do ‘Black’ hair and thus ask her to straighten her hair or wear weaves. She spoke on how extremely small or large clothing sizes should not be normalised as it is unhealthy and promotes a negative body image. She stands by what she says no matter the repercussions. 

  2. Usher (Yes THE Usher) was in love with her

She was able to capture the heart of RnB king Usher and it’s no wonder why! Usher was totally smitten with her and loved being in Jamelia’s company! He showered her with flowers and loved-up text messages. He was devastated to find out she was already in a relationship when he wanted to date her!


    3. She is a Domestic Abuse Survivor and now helps other women

She has opened up many times on talk shows about her experience of domestic abuse, in a bid to spread more awareness and encourage women to speak out, get out and get help from the right places. She also uses her music as a way to heal herself and heal others with similar experiences. She talks of how she ‘felt alone’ and spoke out in support of more tough and strict domestic abuse sentencing in the UK. Jamelia became the face of Avon UK’s ‘Shine Light and Speak Out’ against domestic violence campaign. During the recent Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown, cases of domestic violence rose drastically. Jamelia came out on her Instagram page to share details of safe places for women who are in lockdown with an abuser and have nowhere else to go, to seek help & shelter and stay safe. She is a hero to many including us! 



4. She is not afraid to get political, endorsing the UK Labour Party 

At 38years old she voted for the very first in the UK. She supported Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn because she believed in their movement. She said “I needed kids clubs and libraries growing up, so now I’m voting Labour so everyone else gets them too”.




5. Sis has been in the music game for a minute!   

Jamelia’s career began way back in 1999! She rose to international superstar status in 2003 with her international smash hit ‘Superstar’ which still gets airplay up to today and is still a fan favourite. She has had eight UK top-ten singles. She represents Britain, Jamaica and Zimbabwe (Africa) with background roots in all three countries! She is a triple threat with singing, dancing and presenting. 



    6. She doesn’t beg for a seat at anyone else’s table, she created her own!

 She created her own new talk show literally called ‘The Table’ after speaking out publicly about being used as ‘the token black girl’ at another mainstream national TV talk show. After her time with this mainstream talk show had ended, she decided to take control. “I’m no longer accepting seats at tables where I have to squeeze into inadequate space, seats where I have to repeatedly prove why I deserve to be there,” she said introducing her new YouTube channel. We love to see it sis! And we love you for it!


From all of us at BuildHer, Thank You Jamelia for being you, thank you for defending what you believe in. 



“Life is too short not to experiment.”

“I really, really love being a mum and I absolutely love being a singer so I couldn’t be happier.”

“In the UK and US especially you’ve got a lot of throwaway artists who have their 40 million dancers and they do their show. There’s many artists who would not do a live show because they know they can’t”.


Article By DamiLola Bisuga Soyoye –


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