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What is BuildHer?

Discover what’s possible when a community creates together.

BuildHer is a brand new Crowdfunding Platform aimed at raising money/funding through Rewards Based Contributions for the most historically underfunded & under-supported group; women of ‘Black Origin’.

BuildHer is an exclusive community & movement set to empower Women.

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$ 0.00 Raised
$ 10,000.00 Goal
$ 1,362.00 Raised
$ 50,000.00 Goal
Valerie Uchechukwu Ebuwa The whole wide world
$ 220.00 Raised
$ 3,350.00 Goal
Monijesu Soyoye Ile Ife
$ 0.00 Raised
$ 7,000.00 Goal
Jess Taylor Manchester, U.K.
$ 0.00 Raised
$ 1,000.00 Goal
Ai Lin Kampala, Uganda
$ 21.00 Raised
$ 1,000.00 Goal
Faith Ogechi Okoro Abia State

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When crowdfunding meets social networking

Crowdfunding takes the power away from traditional institutions like banks which normally stops you from making things happen, and puts the power into your hands.

But imagine a platform that combines the power of Linkedin/Facebook with the power of crowdfunding. This is what we provide here at BuildHer.

Not only are you able to connect with new friends, supporters and even potential business partners; you can leverage this ‘in-house social network’ and direct people straight to your own crowdfunding campaign.

This along with more features that are launching soon, is what makes BuildHer ‘The Ultimate Online Platform For A Black Girl Economic Movement’.

Start your Campaign

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Have you ever had a dream, goal or brilliant idea, but the only thing stopping you was a lack of funds?

We at BuildHer believe that in 2020 this should not still be a problem. With technology and the world getting ever so smaller, the opportunities to seek help and support from the wider community is here!

With a straightforward campaign approval process, and coaching along the way, nothing is stopping you now!

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